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Hello There!

This is a "Readme" post that introduces you to the Zen Toolworks Network resources and the personnel behind the scenes.

Zen Toolworks, LLC business model is primarily managed by two people: "Xin Chen and Clint Alexander".

Xin (pronounced Shin), is the CEO of the business. He is a mechanics professional, CNC master and the creator of the CNC kits we all use. When not performing his daily duties at his primary job, he is testing equipment, working on upgrades or creating new hardware designs.

I am Clint Alexander, and I'm somewhat of a Community Manager for the network. I'm also the acting CTO, so all network-based features and content falls under my "umbrella". My role as Community Manager is to provide you and others with information and online support. I try to make sure that any forum topic that goes unanswered is responded to. We promote community support and customers helping customers. While I watch the clock, I give some time to let others weigh-in on the subject appropriately before I do.

While I am a IP-master and techno-junkie, I am not a CNC professional; in fact, I know very little about the entire subject. I'm purely a Bits to Bytes Meta-Dude. But, as you can imagine, I'm picking things up now that I am playing around with the CNC systems and providing (pseudo)support. So, any CNC-related question that I don't know, I will call or forward to Xin and he'll give me an answer or come to the forums and answer himself. It is noteworthy to add that every once in a while, the busy schedules put pause on our communication. It may come to pass where a topic ends with a size 12 "Converse" in my mouth. If and when this happens, I offer my sincere apologies and I will make extra efforts to make good on the situation at hand. ;)

Volunteers are customers who have opted to help keep the network clean. You will see them here and there, mostly active in the forums as Global Moderators (we'll get to that in a moment). The ZTW focuses on an Open Network policy where customers can play a part of ZTW. We have no idea where this will lead us, but we are watching for what could be the next development efforts to highlight our volunteers or a another system to provide our customers with new services.

Okay, now that you have been introduced to the people, let me introduce you to the ZTW virtual network. Currently, Zen Toolworks operates 3 main websites which are explained below:

Main Store Website -
This is where you can setup shopping carts and purchases for ZTW products. Questions about your order can be made using the 'comments' section during purchase or by using the Support Form located under the Support tab. Any and all order-related questions can go through this area or send us email at

Community Support Forums -
This website (duh). Here is where we promote most questions and answers. It has a few features that helps to control spam and we have a few customers playing the role as Moderator here to help manage any spam or post removals and approvals. These forums helps keep an easy-to-access archive of solved problems that other users can search to find answers to common questions. We also promote posting pictures of the first few jobs our customers have run on the CNC system. It doesn't matter in what condition it is in; in fact it helps new users become a little more comfortable with expectations. You can create a topic about them or better yet - use the new Blogging system we just configured. A blog per job! What a great idea! :)
Note - the forums is *not* the place for posting any questions related to your order - see main store website for this.

Documentation Website -
This is a Wiki-based system which allows anyone who is registered to edit the pages. It has an assortment of items such as customer pages, how to, product profiles, tutorials and such. We try very hard to keep the documentation up to date, but quite frankly, the process can and does take a long time to get done. This is why we allow registrations so that experienced users can help fill-in anything they see out of place and in return we allow them to setup their own pages inside the Wiki system as long as the content is considered acceptable as its defined by common-sense. I'll make a short article and post it on the front page as the "Featured" item if it is somewhat considered unique or special (see existing item for example).

[Added 4/9/2011]: I wanted to also mention that every once in a while, I'll take a day or two, it could even be longer, when I have to do some real heavy, concentrated work for either ZTW or my primary place of employment. In these times, hours and days seem to fly past and I don't get to the forums as much as I would like. If you do not get a satisfactory answer to an important question within that 24-48hr mark, please use our Support Form, or email us directly at I do apologize for the delays that this sometimes cause. But its the best we can do with the limited resources we have (including the most valuable resource - Time).

During your time here, make sure you don't hesitate to ask any question at all - detailed ones, dumb ones and silly ones alike. If it was not already answered, you are helping to build akin to an online encyclopedia that other like-minded individuals can use.

Well, that's it I think. I'll add more to this post in time if there is any missing information. We certainly hope you enjoy your time here and we appreciate your visit! Browse around and see the different forums we offer for separate content or check out the user pages posted on the Wiki website!

Good Luck and Talk to you Soon!
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