selling my 12x12

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selling my 12x12

Postby mjbcbus » Mon Jan 16, 2012 1:00 pm

I am parting ways with my 12x12" zen CNC. I haven't had the time recently to put into it, and I now have access to a shopbot CNC router which can handle small and larger projects for me.

This is a turnkey ready-to-run system including:
-12x12x2" zen kit with nema-23 motors.
-zen toolworks spindle/chuck/key
-many bits, including carbide ballnose and endmill bits. (see photos)
-yet-to-be installed limit switches, DC ammeter, emergency stop button
-All controls:
-TB6560 3-Axis Board (new, my homebrew original board was replaced after 23 hours).
-Quick disconnect cables for the motors to the board.
-Brand new power supply for board/motors
-Power supply for spindle
-Solid State Relay for spindle
-Surge protector / Power strip (important!)
-Any discs/software I acquired (TB6560, mach3, setup video disc, etc..)

also included is the dead spindle/chuck as referenced from my failure at:

Check out all the photos I have on this flickr stream: ... 897602123/

I am not including the PC, since I figure you'll have one lying around, if you can pick up locally, I will sell the PC I was using (a dell optiplex w/lcd monitor) for $100 extra.

Run time is under 25 hours, 1 hour on the new board. Basically ~$1300 worth of parts all said and done, plus the time of assembly and such. I am asking $900 for it.

As for pickup/shipping. I am located in Columbus, Ohio. Preference goes to those people that can make the trip here to pick it up. I will ship though, with the top half of the zen separated into it's own package. Shipping will probably be a good chunk since I'm guessing three boxes. I will mark with tape or paint pens the connections to make sure you can set it up easily when you receive it.

Please contact me if interested!
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