Zen Tools 7x7 Complete Extended Z Kit for Sale

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Zen Tools 7x7 Complete Extended Z Kit for Sale

Postby canyon » Fri Sep 02, 2011 11:58 am

I'm selling my machine because I'll be moving soon. The machine has less than 25 hours runtime, I'm a student and I bought it to learn the basics of CNC but now our school got full sized CNC's so my learning purpose has been served.

It's a 7x7 with Z axis extension, machine is in pristine condition save for one small hole we accidentally drilled in the table. I took good care of the machine, oiling the lead screws and fine tuning the motors to reduce wear. Included with the machine is everything you need to make chips from day one.

7x7 machine with 5 inch Z travel
TB 6560 Controller card
DC Spindle with leads already connected
12 V Driver Power supply
Independent DC Spindle Power Supply
DB-25 Cable
End Mill designed specially for plastic cutting
Limit switches for end of travel
Emergency Stop Switch
Sacrificial Foam Sheets for through part cutting
Calibrated MACH 3 configuration
Additionally I'll be happy to give you personal support with this machine; set up, homing, Mach 3 support, G code, Mastercam etc, Speeds feed, Solidworks CAD/CAM you name it.

I also have the plans schematics and parts for an Opto Isolated PWM Switch for the spindle. This means like professional CNC machines, you'll have automatic computer control over your spindle.

Letting this all go for 650 OBO, Feel free to send me a PM with offers!
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Re: Zen Tools 7x7 Complete Extended Z Kit for Sale

Postby sensor » Fri Dec 02, 2011 11:45 am

Is this machine still available? If so, where are you located?
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