power supply for 3d printer .

Here is a place we can talk about using ZTW CNC platform for 3D printing. Your experience with software setup, configuration for different type of filament and etc.

power supply for 3d printer .

Postby lennym » Sat Dec 15, 2012 6:45 am

Hi all ,

I am wondering if i can use the same power supply i am using for my spindle (36v, 350w)
for powering the 3d printer electronics and hotbed ?
I also have a separate 12v , 60w power supply for the electronics of the ztw mill.

I saw that reprap wikis sometimes are talking about 20A power supplies at 12v, so do i need one of these or can i live with what i have ?
I am guesstimating that the hot-bed will be the major power drawing element of the system, so if i understand correctly, it shouldn't really
care about the voltage/current relationship - all it needs really is power. Is this the right picture of things ?

Thanks guys,
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Re: power supply for 3d printer .

Postby roller » Sat Dec 15, 2012 11:53 pm

You really need a new PSU. The pololus which drive the steppers are rated up to 35V but general advice is you don't want to go this high. The only advantage to higher voltages would be more torque at high speed and better accelaration which is generally no use on 3D printers like Zen or mant repraps as vibrations become an issue at these higher speed/accels anyway.

If you use anything over 12V you are going to need much bigger heatsinks on the FETs which supply the heater units in the Bed and nozzle. At 24V these get hot and at 36V these would get quite hot as well as supplying a lot of current to the heaters which will then tend to heat too fast - you get a tendancy to overshoot your target temperature and end up with a hotend which cycles too hot affecting print quality.

Now all this is for a RAMPS controller, which being modular, you can supply different voltages to the Arduino and controller portions. On a Sanguinololu you need to ensure you have the voltage regulator installed to use above 12V (if I remember correctly ) and these only come rated to 30V. Otherwise all the same limitations apply re the Pololus and MOSFETs.
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