7x12 Setup

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7x12 Setup

Postby cade007 » Thu Aug 02, 2012 8:07 pm

I mounted the electronics on the back side of the machine. The TB6560 and power supply fit perfectly and also made for a really clean look hiding the electronics on the back side.

Here is the full setup of my 7x12 Zen Toolworks machine. I had to add the raised platform since this one was designed for 3D printing, which I may convert to later.

Another picture of the electronics on the back side. There are also 5 limit switches wired into the TB6560 as well. I tried to keep the wires as clean as possible. I also wired in a plug to the power supply. Also an On/Off switch and an emergency stop button.

It seems that 3 pictures is the max so I will try an upload a few more showing how I mounted the On/Off switch, the emergency stop button, and the limit switches. I had a little trouble at first with deciding where to mount these so hopefully this can give others direction if they are in the same boat.

Also as I've seen others do, I have a dremel for the carving tool. Dremel has an expensive flexible cable that would work well with this, but I wanted to do something cheaper that gave the same effect so I just bought some cheap plastic tubing and used that. It's been really great it holds the dremel wires out of the way and also allows me to hide other wires inside it as well. I used a little bit of hot glue to attach it to the Dremel and is very flexible when the machine is moving.
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Re: 7x12 Setup

Postby johntech » Thu Aug 02, 2012 9:12 pm

Welcome to the ZTW forums!

Everything looks good so far! I would keep and eye on the printer cable when the table moves towards the back of the machine.
I had my 12x12 setup with the cable hanging down like that and almost got ripped off the board as the table was moving towards the
home position. I ended up flipping the board around so the cable came out the top.

Have you made anything yet? We like to see what others are doing with their ZTW machines.

Good job and keep the chips a flying!

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