New Forum Features Enabled!

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New Forum Features Enabled!

Postby calexander » Wed Feb 02, 2011 1:19 am

Hey CNC'ers,

I've enabled 3 features on the forums that may or may not make things easier for folks or just plain fun.

Attachments Enabled
You can now upload attachments to your posts. A maximum of 3 per post is allowed. Where applicable, thumbnails will be drawn (no larger than 400px wide) to show a preview. This helps me moderate faster when needed. I hope to keep this on permanently but unforeseen issues could result in disabling the feature again. I hope this helps you guys share files.

Polls Enabled
I have enabled the poll creation option for registered users. I'm not sure if this will be useful for anything. If it is rarely used I'll disable it later. For now, its enabled and available for you guys and gals to use.

User Blogs
I've installed a Blog module which has been configured for all registered users. However, there was some problems which are still being worked out. Test your submission functions before taking a lot of time doing a write-up just to error saving it.

You blog settings are located in your User Control Panel. The blogs are accessible by the two new links at the top-right of your forum page (Blogs, My Blogs). If they are not there, it is because I'm working on something. I certainly hope this becomes a useful addition to the ZTW forums and community.
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