Introducing - Customer Products Online!

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Introducing - Customer Products Online!

Postby calexander » Thu May 05, 2011 11:37 pm

I would like the announce and invite you to join the up and coming service we are offering our customers called: Customer Products Online or CPO for short (Beta Version).

Products building Products - We're giving customers who use their Zen products to make accessories, attachments or other products of their own, a chance to freely sell them online through the ZTW network. With your works, we can show how Zen machines can produce products of a professional quality and maybe you can make a few bucks doing it.

Each customer will have 1 slot for 1 product. We are starting off small and slowly building upon the system after we see how well it does. But we want to hear from you if you would like to have more. We are planning to design packages that will include more "slots" so a customer can display more than one item at a time.

The service has not been made available yet. In fact - it is still being developed. But we're coming close to the end at which time a new website design will be installed along with the new CPO system. We want to kick it off with a few items already approved so it doesn't look so "empty" when we finally go live. ;)

If you would like to participate, get a hold of me directly through private message. I will need a picture of your product, but, we can not take images and pictures with an aspect ratio different than 4:3. They can be high-resolution for sure, but they need to be scalable to common 4:3 sizes automatically (1280x1024, 1024x768, 120x90, etc) or the formatting of your product page could be 'off'. Oh - they have to be PNG, JPG, or GIF format. The backend is being tightly wrapped because it will allow file uploads to participants. Our original requirement was PNG-only, but the additional file extensions (jpg, gif) are the most commonly used. So, we have expanded the requirement to cover them too.

For more information on image aspect ratios see Wikipedia - (click here)

There are a few requirements that Zen Toolworks has attached to this system.

  1. Your product must be approved through Zen Toolworks approval process
    Since it is hosted on the ZTW website, the product needs to be quickly looked over to ensure no questionable content is present. You will be able to send items to the approval queue from your CPO project profile form that is attached to your "Account" page.

  2. You will need two PDF documents with each item requesting approval
    • DIY Document - This explains, in a step-by-step format, how to build the product by hand. This will include materials and measurements. We will support the DIY and open source communities by allowing other DIY'ers the ability to create the product on their own. Your sales will be to people who do not wish to build it, they just want to use it (or hang it over their mantel).
    • How-To Document - the manual that explains how to assemble and/or use the product.
    Each of these documents will be reviewed for clarity and it must be in PDF format (there are free conversion tools online).

  3. Minimal Level of Professionalism and Use
    The product must meet a level of professionalism that is worthy of being sold online. There is no yard-stick I know of for measuring this requirement. If we find one, we'll make it available. If you know of one, educate us!. But to give you some idea of what we're talking about -- we will not approve products like a bunch of simple toothpicks or splinters. We most likely deny a submission that is a block of wood filled with a bunch of random holes that seems to serve no purpose or a few non-machined pieces of wood that are used as "Spacers". We realize this requirement is one of the most obfuscated, but, ZTW will be learning how to describe it better as we move forward and earn experience by your submissions. For now, we rely on common sense and good judgement.

  4. Your product must be Zen Toolworks Related
    Simply put, the product must be made (or the majority of the product is made) by ZTW tools or machines, or, made for ZTW tools or machines.

  5. You are completely responsible for product support
    We will not be taking or answering questions related to your product. As a later development (or I may add it right away), I intend to attach a sudo-ticket system to the CPO product so that folks who have questions or problems can submit these things through the CPO product page.

  6. You are completely responsible for supplying the methods of payment for your product
    We only supply an avenue of marketing. We will not have anything to do with transactions . You can supply payment information in your product description and/or communicate details with your customer via email. FYI - I am looking for some simple creative ways to automate or assist at some levels to make it more manageable in the future.

These requirements are subject to change prior to going live. This is simply a minimum set of requirements in the attempt to base-line the policy. When requirements change, we will notify participants once they have been posted.

As we are in Beta, those of you who participate can give suggestions in design and functionality. Please let us know of anything that does not work as intended. I will eventually send out emails to all participants so they can view their product pages and make changes where necessary.

I'll update this post to include information not thought of, skipped or forgotten about.

My goal is to have at least 3 CPO items listed during the launch. As I've said before, private message me through the forums if you would like to participate.

While as a store we are showing off ZTW products, we desired to give something to those who work so hard at designing and building things with them. This was our first chance to do that and we hope this system is successful for you.

Feel free to post any questions.
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