A Stencil Made from a PCB Blank

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A Stencil Made from a PCB Blank

Postby jscook55 » Thu Jun 14, 2012 11:03 pm

So I had a bunch of PCB blanks from https://www.inventables.com/ because they came in a package of 30 (I think, could be 25...). Decided to make a stencil out of one to mark stuff for an upcoming show:


Turned out pretty well, and worked well on canvas and wood. However, the acrylic pictured didn't seem to like being spray painted. Here's the full post: http://www.jcopro.net/2012/06/14/a-paint-stencil-with-pcb-board-blanks-and-a-cnc-router/. Btw, I plan to have my machine set up at the Maker Faire in Raleigh, NC on Saturday if anyone is attending!
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